Month: May 2017

“Pay Attention” Video

Practicing one of my latest poems.

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I knew my life would be complete once our souls could finally meet. Furnacing my little black book into ashes, blown away by Cupid’s wings. You know how to make me happy off of the little the things. Learning that there is no key to my heart. So you created your own master plan from the start. To weaken my…

“Lemonade Stand”

When life gives you lemons, you keep that receipt so you can exchange them for something better! Like French bulldogs and white Bentley’s. Whatever you decide on, make sure it impacts your personality! And groom yourself with greatness! Something simple to others could be so  significant to yourself. Like a hopeless romantic, who hearts sinks faster than quick sand every…

“The Lotus Lesson”

On Tuesday, April 25th, 2017, approximately 7:30pm. My life froze for a moment, which felt like eternity. I’m weight lifting in the gym, feeling great! My muscles are pumped, and my music is on point! I feel invincible the more I push myself! After each rep, I add more weight. I start from 135 through 245, until I end up…