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“Strawberries & Tea’s”

Sometime’s you just need to steep the stress out of your system… When you reach your boiling point, pour purporse into your pores and let the aggravation evaporate from your intuition… Evolve your attitude into an antioxidant, let the aroma ease your energy… Set your spirit free to dance within the skies of satisfaction, along with the rest of the…

“Plan X”

I wasn’t birthed bullet proof, my esophagus isn’t made of steel… When it comes to human right’s,we got left… We were abducted from ancestor’s soil to lose this game of life… We’re the assassinated away team on a stolen field where the home team is honored for our homicides… Trophied with a badge and celebrates picnics on Confederate flags… This…


Use love to lift them out when sinking in their own quicksand of stress… Become better than their shadow through their light and dark times… Make them feel you’re their favorite dessert helping destroy depression… Sweet support may substitute the sadness… Remind them how valuable their worth and crown is when their confidence becomes crooked… -Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

“Class Of 2020”

There’s no amount of clouds that can soak up the ocean of accomplishments you’ve created that will flood your future… Walking a stage isn’t necessary when each step you take transforms into your own star to prove how proud I am of you through the pavement… This year is constructing your character into finding achievement through all adversity… You are…

“Stress Comes After Sunday”

The snooze button was sent from the sunrise… The sun understands that the moon doesn’t pressure you to sleep early… And the stars are stuck watching over you on the weekends… Your alarm clock doesn’t care about your sleep duration… And Monday holds no emotions… I don’t blame Friday for being so distant from it. Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

“Wall Of Words”

Someone like you deserves more than the world… A galaxy of stars doesn’t compare to how gorgeous you are… Spending quality time over conversations hotter than comets… And if you find a way through my fortress of feelings, prepare for my poet emotions… Watch as the trust we build up, construct a palace where we will exchange words through our…

“Six Questions”

What’s a core without communication? Which is more valuable honesty, or sensation? Do you focus on the future, or live in the moment? In your life, is time a major component? When the stress becomes real, how do you deal? How do you bring back that first time feel? I’m just wondering… -Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

“My Honest Poem” 

My name is Ricky Maeweather… I was born on the 15th of December,1989. I take pride in being a Sagittarius.  Both bold and blunt, to the point where my heart speaks what my mind struggles to do even when my mouth is sealed shut. If body language was a martial art, I would be a Grand Master by now. Trusting…