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“Wall Of Words”

Someone like you deserves more than the world… A galaxy of stars doesn’t compare to how gorgeous you are… Spending quality time over conversations hotter than comets… And if you find a way through my fortress of feelings, prepare for my poet emotions… Watch as the trust we build up, construct a palace where we will exchange words through our…

“Six Questions”

What’s a core without communication? Which is more valuable honesty, or sensation? Do you focus on the future, or live in the moment? In your life, is time a major component? When the stress becomes real, how do you deal? How do you bring back that first time feel? I’m just wondering… -Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

“My Honest Poem” 

My name is Ricky Maeweather… I was born on the 15th of December,1989. I take pride in being a Sagittarius.  Both bold and blunt, to the point where my heart speaks what my mind struggles to do even when my mouth is sealed shut. If body language was a martial art, I would be a Grand Master by now. Trusting…