Month: April 2014

If you think life was created to be easy then you truly haven’t experienced it yet. No one wants stress included in their life but even we know every road in the world is not perfect. There’s pot holes, road blocks and other situations that sometime slow us down from what we are aiming for. It’s like game, where your in a race to happiness and accomplishments but during that journey you will come across obstacles such as betrayal , anger, and even pain but never let them defeat you. You must learn to equip the right weapons such as dedication, maturity, and guidance as your advantage. Life will never be a fairy tale from the start to the end. But NEVER let failure stop you from reaching your finish line of fate… -Randum

Some of us consider ourselves to be assets in certain fields of communication or everyday life complication’s when it come down to assisting others with advice or honesty from your opinion. But how can you help others if your unable to help yourself? I was told to never say you’ve mastered something unless you’re able to teach it to others. Which made me realize while I may be appreciated for giving my insight on other’s situations, I tend to neglect my own issues in life. So I plan on spending more time reflecting on myself just so I don’t feel as if I am a broken item fixing others the wrong way due to my ignorance. When was the last time you looked in the mirror?

You can try to give a person you care about the world but that will not rectify what happens in the end. Materials are only perks but can/may end up a sentimental treasure but it should not control one’s feelings and intuition. You speak one statement with your mouth but your actions show the opposite. This is the point where you have to decide to check yourself and what you actually want and believe in. Don’t just tell them what they want to hear unless it’s the 100% #Truth. Kill the lies don’t live them and if they truly care about you then they will #Respect your #Honesty… -Randum Poet