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“Rainy Days”

Moment’s when the sky sheds tears… And everything below, acts as a Kleenex. Umbrella’s are used to neglect this emotional effect. And the ground is a bouncer, who picks and chooses who enters into the puddle. Until the sunlight finds each drop a new home. -Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

“We Are Not Candles”

The furnace of your future should not be figured out by your friends or family… You striving, is what sparks the fire… The length of the wick is determined by your work ethic… And you never let failure affect your flame… Burn your way through it, and illuminate every room you enter with influence… You will send out the scent…

“A Smoothie Recipe For The Soul”

This isn’t a basic beverage, it should be enriched with your life’s essentials… Start by adding in your personality… Next, include all of your favorite hobbies… From there, sprinkle in something special to you. After that, include a huge amount of achievements, make sure you grab a handful of goals to throw in also… Hater’s lack substance, so just set…