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Use love to lift them out when sinking in their own quicksand of stress… Become better than their shadow through their light and dark times… Make them feel you’re their favorite dessert helping destroy depression… Sweet support may substitute the sadness… Remind them how valuable their worth and crown is when their confidence becomes crooked… -Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

“When You Arrive Home”

Let me explain how precious your personality is, how amazing your energy feels when it wraps around my heart when we hug. Let me show you how woman of power should be pampered… When you arrive home, prepare to walk over the softness of your favorite flower’s petals. Following with foot rubs while your bath water awaits to submerge every…

“If Music Was A Woman”

Just hearing the sound of your voice makes me vulnerable… Your beats breaks down my body… Your diversity determines my dances… And your vocals sound like wedding vows… You pick out the perfect sounds to place into my soul… I am addicted to your lips and lyrics… It was love at first song… I want to massage every music note…