“The Lotus Lesson”

On Tuesday, April 25th, 2017, approximately 7:30pm.
My life froze for a moment, which felt like eternity.
I’m weight lifting in the gym, feeling great!
My muscles are pumped, and my music is on point!
I feel invincible the more I push myself!
After each rep, I add more weight.
I start from 135 through 245, until I end up with 305lbs towering over me.
I clamp my hands onto the bar strong, as if they are the teeth of a crocodile who caught it’s prey.
I bring the weight all the way down until the bar can rest on my chest.
And my heart feels the cold iron before I return it back to the rack.
As I begin to press the weight back up, out of no where my left shoulder starts shaking, harder than earthquakes that could erupt the equator.
I feel my chest pulling away from my arm as I yell for my partner to grab the weight.
But it is already too late…
Imagining I have fallen into a den surrounded by lions, from the way my flesh is ripped a part.
I scream louder than sirens searching for the emergency, to the point that the entire gym is silent.
And I become the scene…
Paralyzed by the pain, the feeling missing in my arm.
Unable to find the movement in my fingers.
There is no point of shedding any tears over the tear, because I wouldn’t even have the strength to soak up the stream.
I never sustained such pain…
And yet, here I was thinking having my heart broken in the past was the worst feeling I would ever experience.
I was wrong, this torn tendon definitely took the lead in my misery.
Until I became ignited in the ER with an epiphany.
To inspect my injured arm, imprinted with ink that is inspired by Lotus Flowers.
Lotus flowers that made me wonder.
Why was I drowning in my own sorrow?
Why was I complaining about this minor set back that could be fixed with time and Motrin?
When there are others in the world dealing with issues way more severe!
I couldn’t feel my arm for about fifteen minutes, but there are kids who haven’t felt food in their belly’s for fifteen days!
They say there’s no place like home, unless you never had a home to go to in the first place.
The reasoning behind my Lotus tattoos became forgotten, until I was reminded that night.
This was not the first time I ended up in a dark place, and I knew I would rise from it faster than the sun could reach the skies at dawn.
No one’s life is flawless, we all have battles fought differently.
We are all wounded in our own personal wars.
And someone will always have it worst than you.
Learn to live humble, and be happy for what you have that is positive.
Understand to never stress over what you do not have control of.
And look for ways to live your life pure!
Pure like the lotus…
The reason we see these beautiful flowers floating above water is because the seeds did not settle for the mud underneath!
They learned to manifest through the murky conditions!

And bloom above the river because their stems will never break from the stream!

They stand for a purpose, and there is power in their petals!
The same power that resides in our spirit!
They refuse to wilt no matter the conditions!
We are all planted in dark places at some point.
But that does not mean we have to sink below the soil!
Never forget your roots, and always make room for growth.
Always remember to keep the purity flowing through your heart, mind, and body.
And eventually, harmony, will heal your scars.
-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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