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Use love to lift them out when sinking in their own quicksand of stress… Become better than their shadow through their light and dark times… Make them feel you’re their favorite dessert helping destroy depression… Sweet support may substitute the sadness… Remind them how valuable their worth and crown is when their confidence becomes crooked… -Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

I’m probably the last person you would expect to type this but I just came to the conclusion that the only people that can control and direct your relationship is you and your spouse. Outsiders don’t have any say in the matter besides their opinion. No one can tell you how a proper “relationship” works because there is no Textbook method. We are all DIVERSE!!! So don’t worry about others if your’s not right…

If your constantly looking for ways to alter your image into others you see then I feel your not true to yourself. (Example)
Just because Kanye West wears a skirt doesn’t mean its mandatory for you too. Or if your ashamed to tell someone your interested in your “place of employment” because your afraid they’ll walk away then you have no self respect for yourself for wanting to deal with a person who judges on how you make a living and handle your priorities. When was the last time you really looked in the mirror? 

How can you want and expect to come across a “loyal” spouse in a relationship if YOU don’t even practice your own requirement? It’s as if cupid put the “Faith” description in the fine print of the love contract and many have overlooked it…