I knew my life would be complete once our souls could finally meet.

Furnacing my little black book into ashes, blown away by Cupid’s wings.

You know how to make me happy off of the little the things.

Learning that there is no key to my heart.

So you created your own master plan from the start.

To weaken my wall of emotions to evolve our opportunity of love.

Showing me that happy endings are a possibility if you possess that faith ability.

From you becoming my wife, and I your groom.

I’ve never felt  a voice cradle my heart.

Until our baby girl cried for the first time in that delivery room.

Looking into her eyes, holding this angel created from both of our lives.

I cried that day looking at what was born from our DNA.

No room for memories of my single life.

Now I only live to love and protect my daughter and wife. 

I made a vow to never let neither one of you down.

So I’m not understanding why I’m reading this letter that you left town.

You just left…

No signs…

No arguments…

Just a letter weighted down by your wedding ring.

Just a pool of pain I pray our baby girl will never sustain.

Our family was Royalty!

I devoted you my loyalty!

It takes a King and a Queen to raise a Princess.

But your abandonment only conceived us stress.

Multiple talks about starting a family…

Building a dynasty…

Your smile was the perfect disguise for your lies.

So you played me and really didn’t want a baby.

Why even bother making me a father?

I would have understood if you weren’t ready for motherhood!

But instead you used your motherly instinct to exit…

I just want you to come home…

If not for me, come back home for our baby.

Attempting to be our little girl’s super hero by day.

Just to end up sleeping in sorrow beside her crib every night wondering of your where abouts.

Afraid that she’ll realize it’s only daddy who feeds her.

Only daddy who raise her…

And only daddy who loves her…

I don’t want our daughter’s first steps to be in search for her mother.

I don’t want our daughter’s first words to be…

“Where’s Mommy?”

“I want Mommy!”

“Daddy, Why doesn’t Mommy Love me?”

I don’t want our baby abusing herself every Mother’s day just to take the pain away…

I have no idea on how or where to start…

Repairing our daughter’s shattered heart…

I mentally and emotionally can not figure out what fear could have possibly made you flee?

But we could have fought it together!

No fear should ever affect you to foster your own family that’s insanity!

Blood will always be thicker than tears.

Which I will not shed neither one.

I have mission to make sure our daughter grows up to be whatever her heart tells her to become!

To always love and respect herself!

Knowing that health is more important than wealth!

And to never forget her worth!

She will know that no matter what, I will submerge myself in sacrifices to support her journey to success!

Her mind, body, and spirit are palaces within themselves! 

And she will not need to wear a tiara just to realize she is a woman of power!

But she will need a mother…

So just come home already…

-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

  One thought on ““Unexpected” 

  1. May 15, 2017 at 5:51 PM

    Tragic. Also very deep.


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