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Give More Love!

This is my #Mood for today! Shout out to “Seneca The Motivational Poet” for creating this movement! I was never good at being negative, Sometimes I look at situations like a bank account, you should never want your numbers in the negative which is why the only option is to stay positive. Keep your life’s account increasing through your kindness.…

“Falling Off” 

I’ve been slacking with poetry, fitness, and just overall life but I’m aware and have been placed myself under construction! Point of this post is that we all fall off from things, but once you realize it that means the next step is to work our way back up and then excel even further than the previous point that was…

After witnessing and listening to John Legend’s music and story during his concert tonight I learned you need to strive for what you truly want out of life and be dedicated to whatever your gifts are if you truly believe in yourself.

Self Reflection 6/12/14