Month: May 2015

Randum Opinion: Quality Time

“One of the worst things you can do to yourself is become distant to everyone who truly cares about you. Whether it’s through a bloodline or just overall loyalty, you should learn to manage the time focused on goals on your family as well. You should embrace everyone who plays a part in your heart, whoever assist you in memories…

Randum Confession

Life never tasted so sweet until you added yourself into mine. Leaving foot prints of our future in sanded designs on beaches while cupid’s wings blow wind through your hair. And your kiss takes my breathe away as if I neglect oxygen just so I can live off of your aroma. I can feel our connections stronger than racism and…

Toastmaster’s International

I want to thank Seneca Wilson and the Toastmaster’s International organization for inviting to their function. Amazing public speakers with incredible speeches. I learned a lot just from what I experienced last night, I realize that they may be the next step to upgrading my performance and hosting skills. Posted from WordPress for Android