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Closed Doors..

I’ve been told that when one door shuts, another door opens. If any of my doors shut unexpectedly best believe I am opening any and everything! It doesn’t matter what it is, refrigerators, windows, chimneys, EVERYTHING GETS OPENED! If someone tries to shade you with their darkness, continue to kill them with your bright and shining success! Counter hate by…

As of yesterday I realized the employment society can cause someone they’re life or freedom. The reason why I feel this way is because some jobs may turn you away because you OVER-qualified! Not under but OVER-qualified, plain b.s. And we wonder why some (Not all) people hustle and break laws. Any job is worth working if you don’t have any at all. A masters degree should qualify you for fast food also. If not your going to do what you have to in order to survive… -Randum

I just noticed by watching others that just because someone may be in a relationship or marriage does not mean they’re completely happy. That’s what closed doors are used for. So I understand why some play it safe by staying single. Everyones’s heart is constructed different…

Dedication -Complete and wholehearted fidelity; #Webster
My definition of Dedication is finishing whatever you put numerous focus and time into just to enjoy that feeling of confidence and pride once you receive the results you persued. #RandumPoet