“Lemonade Stand”

When life gives you lemons, you keep that receipt so you can exchange them for something better!
Like French bulldogs and white Bentley’s.
Whatever you decide on, make sure it impacts your personality!
And groom yourself with greatness!
Something simple to others could be so  significant to yourself.
Like a hopeless romantic, who hearts sinks faster than quick sand every time they witness what they love happen for others.
Causing their heart to melt faster  than nacho cheese over tortilla chips.
True love, could be found on taco Tuesday!
And if you’re a caffeine junky, sip that sweet

concoction of alertness until it instructs your body to become outgoing!
Let that first cup cause your character to become curious!
Obnoxiously infused with ambition and adrenaline occurred by caramel macchiato’s of motivation!
The moon must be the cashier since we were provided with Starbucks…
Become backwards, and demolish desserts when stressed!
Learn to create more fun than dimple walking dog lovers, who enjoys eating donuts!
Just because life may give you lemons, does not mean you have to settle for the sourness!
Possess sugar packets in your pockets, and make lemonade from the waterfalls that watches the sun sleep.
Keep it sweet like your energy, and only become isolated when you have your own bowl of ice cream!
Constantly scooping until you’ve secured your own smile.
And leave the disappointed distractions in the dust!
Jump in a Jeep, and journey through life’s jungles!
Become motivated by your memories and never let the adventures end!
And always remember to smile, because you share a special spot in a lot of beating hearts.
So when life gives you lemons, do not settle for a pitcher pouring stand on the corner.
Return the fruit for a fantastic future filled  with fame and fortune for you and your family!
Until you’re living life sweet, like lemonade.
-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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