“My Honest Poem”

My name is Ricky…

I was born on the 15th of December…


I take pride in being a Sagittarius.

Both blunt and bold…

My heart speaks what my mind struggles to say…

Even when my mouth is sealed shut.

If body language was a martial art, I would be a Grand Master by now.

Trusting my chi to strengthen my integrity…

History will show moments where my spinal cord would abandon me and I became a paraplegic every time I should have stood up for myself…

There were times where I felt my shadow was the only thing that had my back, whenever my courage went missing.

I was raised by my mother and grandmother, who both submerged me in sensitivity and support.

I was given my father’s last name…

I just wish more memories came along with it.

My favorite color changed from red to purple.

And my only talent worth talking about included a pencil and blank sheet of paper.

To save my mother’s money, I would just sketch my stress away instead of spending it on therapy.

Dreams, taught me how to draw out my depression.

I chose silverware over sports, and the food network introduced me to husky clothing for kids.

I spent majority of my life hiding inside.

Both my room, and insecurities…

It wasn’t until my middle school music teacher chose me as his lead actor in drama club, that I realized there was more to life than what society made it’s favorites.

I use to always pay the price to be popular…

Spending money to be stressed about being spotted.

Not realizing until later…

I could learn to love being me for free.

I didn’t read books but I loved to cook.

Me learning to act, didn’t matter that I was fat.

It was about believing in myself as I rehearse the pages.

The only time you should feel comfortable being someone else is performing on stages.

One of my best discoveries is that reality loves my personality.

My presence can create a positive essence…

I may be insecure, but I know my heart is pure.

I believe we are all built to digress through anything we endure.

I strive to keep everyone happy around me through my positivity.

Practicing health and wellness, the gym is my sanctuary where I now sweat out stress and solve solutions.

But sometimes, a candy variety is the only thing that can calm my anxiety.

I live my life logically…

I do not believe that anything will last forever.

Which is why I try to manifest every moment into something magical.

I feel love is a drug that many are unable to shake…

And sometimes overdose from broken promises and bruises.

So I set up mental marathons and events of emotions, for anyone who feels they can handle what my heart holds.

I love supporting other people’s children…

I just avoid having my own.

That way I can eliminate the fear of failing them as a father.

I’m a puzzle piece that does not fit in it’s own family portait.

So I focus on bettering everyone elses future.

I was brought into this world alone and logically, I’ll probably leave the same way.

But sometimes…

I wish…

I am wrong…

-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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