Give More Love!

This is my #Mood for today! Shout out to “Seneca The Motivational Poet” for creating this movement!
I was never good at being negative, Sometimes I look at situations like a bank account, you should never want your numbers in the negative which is why the only option is to stay positive. Keep your life’s account increasing through your kindness. We’re all not meant to agree on everything, but one thing I wish we all could believe in is to #GiveMoreLove! I’ve been through too much in life to ever feel the need to down anyone. Not everyone can deal with soft guys with my mentality, but I will always forgive before I hate anyone in life because the type of energy you decide to put out plays a part in your future. So always put out great vibes and never stop loving the people around you. #Love counters hate!

  One thought on “Give More Love!

  1. Kevin Schoon
    March 18, 2018 at 5:03 PM

    Cool site bro. Very inspirational


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