“When You Arrive Home”

Let me explain how precious your personality is, how amazing your energy feels when it wraps around my heart when we hug.
Let me show you how woman of power should be pampered…

When you arrive home, prepare to walk over the softness of your favorite flower’s petals.

Following with foot rubs while your bath water awaits to submerge every curve, bath bombs are no match for your natural beauty.

I want you to soak all of your stress away while I prepare dinner, the entree really isn’t important since you will be dessert…

And then let me moisturize your body until your skin becomes softer than the clouds that covers the sun, when your smile out shines it.

Followed by a full body massage while I meditate to everything on your mind.

As the candles illuminate the room and expose every imperfection I love about you.
-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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