Real (Poem)

Last time I checked we were all born on the same earth.

So i’m not understanding why others feel greater by their wallets and what it’s worth.

I mean, I can tell you get money by your style but I been got it.

And if all your money’s in your outfit then what the hell is in your pocket?

That’s because your controlled by the fads.

If you want to blend in with the rest of the crowd you can have that.

Because that’s not even what i’m mad at.

Just don’t look down on the next person you see out here trying to better their life to get it back on track.

Cause we don’t why they’re out here hustling in these streets.

And it’s not all about what you see in these movies.

And if you’re a real parent, you’re going to do whatever it takes for your kid to eat.

And that’s real…

I live in a city where bullets roam free while blunts burn.

Drop outs increase while few learn.

We’re killing body after body, you would think it’s black friday the way we sell out of these caskets and urns.

All built for babies…

Because there’s barely anything out here for these kids to do.

That’s why they smoke, gang bang, and shoot.

Some parents ignore them while others don’t even have a home to go too.

And then we wonder why bad kids act the way they do.

You see, sometimes you just need to watch and listen because it’s not always about discipline.

Like thoes kids up in foster care alone fighting all their fears who parents don’t really care.

But they make sure that check is there.

And that’s what pours out the tears.

Because while you survive off scraps, they eat like royalty.

And a bloodline never defined my family.

I find my loved ones by their loyalty.

Which is hard to come by these days.

That whole blood is thicker than water theory is irrelevant, there’s parents out here who disown there children just because they’re gay.

But i’m straight and i’m not against gay pride, it’s their decision at the end of the day.

So hop off it you hate, and I can care less if you don’t invite me to your cookouts because I never liked your food anyway.

The meats be burnt, you potatoe salads dry, it’s probably past the expiration date.

The corn is rotten, the buns are moldy, stray animals wouldn’t eat off your plate.

And if you’re judging women dancing on poles don’t, their reason isn’t your business to know.

If you’re not paying their bills shut the hell up, however they make they money they will.

Because we live in a world where you never know who you can count on and trust in a matter of moments and that’s real.

-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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