S.A.S. (Poem)

I can still taste the lies off of your lips.

You can’t even look me in the eyes as if you never had a conversation with the truth.

And you wonder why you find yourself alone and single like a dollar bill stuffed g-string sliding down a pole of dissapointment.

Unlike a stripper, I could see the fakeness right through your wardrobe.

You’re like a venus fly trap the way you lure people into your circle with your beauty and then kill their kindness with your personality.

I once felt you were my medicine when really you were just a poison.

You make me sick,

From your attitude and I become ill from your cooking…

Take out menu’s were created for women just like you.

Sometimes I find myself rewinding my watch attempting to replace the time I wasted with you.

And yet,

It never works out…

The same way you complain about your weight…

But yet,

you never workout.

You constantly anger me inside…

Which is why,

I work out…

I’m glad our friendship died we would never work out.

Crazy thing is, everyday something reminds me of you…

Like hardwood floors…

I’m sure you get the comparisson since you  both are dry and simple.

Just laying there…


And thanks…

You proved to me that monsters do exist and they sometimes walk in heels.

The devil doesn’t just wear prada she also likes gucci and jordans.

She turns roses into ashes with a single touch.

And she loves watching Scandal on Thursday nights.

I never knew you had the gift to taint ones emotions.

Causing my trust to sink like the titanic ship.

When did you decide to trade in your heart for an ice berg?

You use to send chills up my spine,

But all you do now is continue to break my heart…

Into a dust…

I am unable to sweep up because
I’ve been waiting for courage to knock on my front door just to help me filter through it until I find that engagement ring my money captured for us.

They were wrong…

A way to a man’s heart is not his stomach.

You simply ripped my heart right out of my chest.

And if love is truly blind then you must have 20/20 vision.

So just delete me from your contacts because it’s never positive when we make contact.


Did you ever see me with you through your contacts?

Playing husband and wife loving life?

Or was I just a pawn in your chess game of seduction.

Never thinking about being in love or reproduction.

Your attraction caused my abduction.

But you abortion of our future made me realize my life needs reconstruction.

Starting with rebuilding my wall…

Torn down from your “Sucker For Love” wrecking ball…

And now that I think about it.

Ever since that condum broke are lives have been crazy.

I just hope one day we will no longer be enemies since your sisters having my baby.

-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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