“A Woman” (Poem)

I never wore a green thumb, but seeing what blossoms on family trees can make you start your own field of flowers.

Attracted by their esscence, and provoked by their beauty.
Wishing I could kiss them just to see how soft their petals really are.
A woman, my favorite breath of life.
Created in numerous flavors, sizes, and complexions.
All beautiful in their unique way.
I’m talking diverse divas, worth more than diamonds.
A hiest would be the perfect plan to pick out Mrs.Right.
I love women, even though they are careless.
And I only say that because i’ve never seen so many queens misplace their crowns.
I tell myself, maybe I should just replace them with halo’s to match the wings dancing on their back.
And if I come across that highway to heaven, i’m sure my heart won’t notice the speed limit so god should have these angels directing traffic.
I’m talking about a woman.
With a body built to carry and conceive gifts.
Sooner or later Santa Claus will be out of business because mothers deliver way more than he does.
Even though Christmas doesn’t include 

Which you never know who may end up with a bun in her oven. 
So I guess she would be considered a baker.
So I love all my ladies like I love my deserts.
Sweet and filled!
The difference is, I want my lady filled with feelings and emotions.
Not jelly… 
Hoping I don’t overdose on pain killers.
Attempting to take my mind off my hands giving out as I try to repair every woman’s broken heart I come across.
It takes a real man to be a mechanic. 
I’m speaking about a woman.
The human crossword puzzle numerous men can never figure out.
It’s usually the guys who don’t own trust,honesty, and loyalty in their vocabulary.
But will be quick to try and solve the game with the words hoe, trick, and twelve inches.
Which thoes twelve inches is probably the same number they scored on their test of respect.
So fellas which do you drop faster your jeans or your dignity?
And I understand that some women feel all men are the same, but I only can speak for myself.
I’m just a man with a heart beat and a poet’s mind.
I wouldn’t explain how I could shower you with gifts or meet your every request.
Women weren’t born with controllers in their chest so they are not ones to play games with.
I would take three steps.
The first step would be to use a simple box of kleenex.
So I can wipe off the tears her ex caused in her past.
Second step, purchase a number two pencil.
So I can erase him from ever existing.
And the third step well…
I’m not quite sure yet but when I come across the right woman it will definitely be added into our wedding vows.
Until we kiss and i’m So Foreal when I say our love would cause candy rained showers while the crowd sings…
“My love, do you, ever, dream of, candy coated rain drops, your the same, my candy rain.”
A woman…
My heart’s number one addiction.
-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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