“Major City Mermaids” (Poem)

If mermaids are real, how would you approach them?

Would they be some seven foot beast who rules the bottom of the ocean?
Or could they be gentle giants who swims through the sea? 
I don’t think mermaids are neither assumption. 
If I ever came across a mermaid I feel she’ll be her own creation.
She would be this long haired, 5’5 attraction of the ocean. 
Who loves taking selfies under the sea. 
Carrying a fierce figure with killer curves handled with care, like sand castles.
With a virgo type of personality, this sexy sea lady’s heart seems larger than New York City. 
If I ever met this marvelous mermaid, she would have me nervous to speak because of her hot appearance. 
Not realizing her personality’s cooler than the rinks hockey players skate over. 
I bet her cooking is amazing just like her smile. 
And she enjoys letting music make love to her eardrums. 
So if mermaids are real, how would you approach them?
You may not fall in love but be cautious.
You just might drown in hers…
-“Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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