“Ambitious Skies” (Poem)

One of the best feelings for me is waking up every morning. 

An even greater feeling is waking up to your smile. 
Which shines brighter than the sunrise through Scotland skies.
Your heart beats warmer than freshly brewed coffee on a Monday morning.
Spiked, with brown sugar to match your complexion. 
You’re sweeter than desserts.
Addicting like freshly baked cookies in a cafe. 
You are my cup of tea.  
Fit, fabulous, and focused with positivity poured all over the runway you rip. 
Causing you to slip into more success through each step. 
You’re an undiscovered flower with a full blossom of blessings. 
Cultivated in Caribbean soil, you’re hotter than the island’s climate. 
Causing camera’s to melt attempting to catch your curves modeled through their lens. 
Only Reecie Taylor comes close to being your identical twin. 
The life you live is worth more than any jewels found in a Phoenix’s nest. 
You’re a knight, who shines without any armour. 
Slaying and not playing with any dragons created from determination. 
You are a 2015 Spartan of inspiration. 
Who can host, both beauty and brains.
Overly ambitious, motivating me to be the same. 
That knows the difference between a workout and twerkout. 
I am a witness on how you finesse your fitness. 
As you coached creativity for this confession.
Every morning I find myself mesmerized by your ambitious skies…
-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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