Randum Confession

Life never tasted so sweet until you added yourself into mine.

Leaving foot prints of our future in sanded designs on beaches while cupid’s wings blow wind through your hair.

And your kiss takes my breathe away as if I neglect oxygen just so I can live off of your aroma.

I can feel our connections stronger than racism and our affection softer than the clouds angel’s sleep on.

There’s never a day where my arms do not become chill from the lost of your body heat from when we cuddle.

As I hold you I can’t help but to smile feeling that for that moment of time your my lady.

Even though I know the dream will run out of gas and reality will re-position me into the lane you’ve placed me in.

Trading my heart for a gps so my fear of losing you will never occur.

You’re personality found a way to penetrate my wall and your kindness has stole my soul.

Without even knowing it you sometimes mold my life into parks of amusement.

Sending my emotions on a high speed chase roller coaster.

And yet I never search for an exit even when I feel the tears and anger awaiting for their freedom.

Every moment when spend together is another memory burned in furnest of love I have for you.

You are my everything…

You’ve motivated me…

You’ve hurt me…

You’ve supported me…

And you’ve always been there when needed.

You tell me you love me, which I love you also.

I’m just afraid of falling in it.

-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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