Letter To Wendy’s (Poem)

I am unable to remember our anniversary date, but I will never forget our first encounter.

The way you smiled at me as I smiled back.

I’m falling fast into your deep blue eyes as if I was swallowed by the sea.

I’m counting and kissing each freckle you possess lost in your galaxy of beauty.

And you are the fallen star my heart noticed dropping from heaven at full speed.

With your fiery red tails of hair swimming through the skies.

Baby everyday my mind marinates in our memories.

Which provoked me to write you this letter.

My letter to you, Wendy’s.

I want to live our live’s together one step at a time just the way I consume the fries you feed me.

You have me craving your thickness.

I want to grab both of your buns as you walk away from me.

They’re like half pound burgers of intimacy.

And I can see our future within your lips as they from the grease when I feed you spicey chicken nuggets.

But don’t worry, it’s just a five piece.

I know you care about your figure.

But when I stare into thoes soft petals  attatched to your mouth I see our family.

Represented as a potatoe…

As if I was the potatoe holding our son potraying the sour cream.

And you watched over us as sprinkled chives.

I love our son, he’s my little baconator.

And I have you to thank for my happiness.

We may have frosty moments and disputes but what relationship doesn’t?

I know they won’t last forever.

Whether or not I am king you will always be my burger queen and I am loving it because I can have it my way.

I value our love just like your menu.

And if loving you is wrong then I don’t want to eat light.

I’m not worried about the cellulite, i’m sure we’ll burn it off later tonight.

And this is my letter, to Wendy’s.

-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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