Being “Good Enough”

1. Yes there’s been times where I felt I was not good enough.

A) I would experience the feeling during poetry slams I would compete in.

2. My feelings would expose to me that I did not push myself as hard as the other contestants who surpassed me.

3. The results always ended up having me motivated to upgrade the skills of my craft and to not rush through my pieces.

4. I would suggest to whoever feel they are not good enough for whatever reason to acknowledge what their issue is and to plan a positive solution for it.

5. I think insecurity plays a big part in the reason for people feeling they aren’t good enough.

6. No one has ever told me I was not good enough but I think I would just use the criticism as motivation.

8. To feel the sensation of being good enough would be from the result of positive feedback and accomplishment.

9. The only areas I felt to not be good enough in were competitions and activities I did not win.

10. Dissappointment is the main word for me that makes me feel i’m not good enough.

11. I always used myself as a coach to push me through the mental barriers of not feeling good enough because I know that I am good enough and that stress can be the perfect destraction from you goals. But that’s when you have to realize how important you are and that there will be moments of failure in life but when you stay focused and positive the rewards will always be limitless.

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