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” Swahili Style And Grace”

Her elegance is effortless… She has skin softer than the pillows angels rest their heads over… Her smile, can subtract the sadness right out of your soul… Her hugs, will have your heart racing faster than hermit crabs within a circle… Her laughter, will lather nothing but love around your conscience… She can council you with her cuteness, and her…

“Six Questions”

What’s a core without communication? Which is more valuable honesty, or sensation? Do you focus on the future, or live in the moment? In your life, is time a major component? When the stress becomes real, how do you deal? How do you bring back that first time feel? I’m just wondering… -Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

“My Honest Poem” 

My name is Ricky Maeweather… I was born on the 15th of December,1989. I take pride in being a Sagittarius.  Both bold and blunt, to the point where my heart speaks what my mind struggles to do even when my mouth is sealed shut. If body language was a martial art, I would be a Grand Master by now. Trusting…

“ELA Apple Pie”

Sometimes settled on to a window sill… The aroma infiltrating the air, sending apple cinnamon scents into the sky… Warm hearted hands creates this masterpiece Molded for ice cream to melt over… Cuddled by a golden brown crust… Subtracting your stress through every slice… Fall in love with Fall’s favorite dessert with me… -Ricky “Randum” Maeweather