“Tomorrow Morning” (Poem)

Our first kiss told me your lips would be last pair I lock for the rest of my life.

Causing rules to be shattered, and families created.
I was never big on religion, but if god’s really sending angels did you take a train, bus, or just catch a cab to reach me?
I’ve never experienced the game, but your sweetness towards me has caused a candy crush and you are a level I hope to stay stuck on for eternity. 
So amazing in my eye sight, that you fog up my glasses from your fashion, breaking them with your beauty causing blindness to occur.
Provoking me to use my other senses.  
Hearing your vocals play soft humming bird hymns.
Sweet like the nectar they sip while you fix us dinner. 
I never fell in love with music notes until you released them into the atmosphere to swim.
With the aroma of success mixed with bath and body work products. 
I’m not quite sure what kind, but I know it’s never grape. 
You should invest in that fragrance. 
I like grapes, a lot…
I’ll keep asking for grapes until it becomes old enough that you get sick of me wine.
Get it? 
Caressing your soft rose petal skin texture.
Sprung off the fact that it matches the relaxation of your lips. 
Like an army of marshmellows.
And I don’t even like marshellows.
But for thoes marshmellow-ed  hershey kisses, don’t tell your grahams but I want some more of them smores you give me. 
I know you tell her everything but some desserts are just sweeter as a secret. 
I love that there’s no salary needed to spend time with you, since I pay rent.
And if we are employed to be friends, it’s possible to be promoted to husband and wife.
Counting down until pay day…
I like cashing the checks of our quality time.
And if  I could take out a loan from our future, your finger would already be pinned to the ground from your wedding ring. 
But until then, i’ll just let my patience make payments. 
And help you look for the perfect costume to fit your super woman personality. 
You would look cute in a cape…
Teaching me without even knowing it.
I would definitely be your teacher’s pet in your educational cage.
I would just replace the apple with grapes on your desk. 
I still like grapes…
I still like you…
And I still like the way you miss the good parts of the movie when you fall asleep in the theaters. 
I just assume you’re dreaming about me. 
The same way I dream about you. 
Hoping to wake up with my arms wrapped around you. 
Tomorrow morning…
-Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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