When did butterflies start disguising themselves as women?

Modeling bright colored wings with the love of dancing with the wind every song played at heavens prom.

With a voice soft and soulful like sunday morning hyms.

I think it would be wrong to say I want to taste your body like the first sunday’s communion.

So we’re going to act as if I never said that line.

And since I been loving you…

Every room you enter flashes into orbit just from the way you out shine the rest of these solar sista’s.

Changing my favorite subject to science.

And just like a star.

I wish I could kiss Corinne Bailey Rae for blessing my ears with the beautiful notes of that song.

I’m not a love poet and im far from sweet.

And yet im still a sucker for bright eyes and demples.

Catching cavities from her sweet kisses.

I’m like a kid in a candy store when I walk into Victoria’s Secret.

I think my tongue loves ladies in lingerie more than liquorice.

Finding myself breathless.

So tell me how im suppose to breathe with no air?

And if Jordan can’t Spark my heart then who’s willing to step up to the plate?

Hit that home run for her Future husband and create the perfect love song…


“I don’t want to give the wrong impression…”

“I need love and affection…”

“And I hope im not sounding too desperate…”

” I need love and affection…”

So you can consider this my cliche love poem.

Inspired to write…

Bleeding the words from my wound shanked by a beautiful dagger.

The cops charged cupid with attempted murder when really it was just attempted happiness.

We both share the love of traveling…

So let me journey into your fantasy just to explore every letter besides your g-spot…

And when I return I’ll strip you down…

And sink my fingers into your hershey skin tone until my hands are covered in chocolate and your tongues licking the tip…

Of my fingers of course…

While im lost in your loyalty not even caring to find the exit.

I’m too stubborn to share you with anyone else.

And im depressed every morning I wake up to your cold side of the bed.


As if winter slept beside me.

I would give the tooth fairy Lil Wayne’s grill just to have her deliver you to me.

And then replace Lil Waynes teeth.

And to be honest…

I’m the furthest thing from perfect like everyone one I know…

And yet, I feel so far gone to the point that when I returned nothing was the same.

All I had was old memories and young money…

Writing poems using artist and their songs.

Until a lovable presence massaged my soul and I realized it was you.

Standing right beside me.


A beautiful dagger…

– Ricky “Randum” Maeweather

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