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Closed Doors..

I’ve been told that when one door shuts, another door opens. If any of my doors shut unexpectedly best believe I am opening any and everything! It doesn’t matter what it is, refrigerators, windows, chimneys, EVERYTHING GETS OPENED! If someone tries to shade you with their darkness, continue to kill them with your bright and shining success! Counter hate by…

Progress Pics For Fitness

There’s no need to be embarrassed when you’re already embracing what you are becoming.  While you’re focused on bettering yourself, you’re also planting seeds of motivation in other’s soil of insecurities. So keep striving up and pass the stars until everything positive revolves around you and your energy! 💪 #HealthAndWellness

“Falling Off” 

I’ve been slacking with poetry, fitness, and just overall life but I’m aware and have been placed myself under construction! Point of this post is that we all fall off from things, but once you realize it that means the next step is to work our way back up and then excel even further than the previous point that was…