Tag: rants

I never believed in “Birth Control” contraptions. Of course the reason for them are appropriate but the side effects aren’t worth it! If your putting something in your body that controls what it’s suppose to do naturally then of course your body may start having complications. Its made to resist unknown activities. I seen TOO many females have their feelings and bodys altered by man made things in a negative way. I’m living proof that “Safe Sex” is real folks…No Kids just Goals #Condums

I’m starting to realize that there is not a standard “age” to which a male or female reaches maturity. Everyones has their own time to find it which bothers me when im judged by my age by an older ignorant person. I know PLENTY of people old enough to be my parents that im doing far better than lifestyle and maturity wise. The lost ones let numbers fool them… #Grow

Stop worrying about the wrong ones not willing to accept your “Baggage” just help them pack their things and let them move on. Soon enough the real helping hands will find you. But thats just my opinion… #Share