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Dedication -Complete and wholehearted fidelity; #Webster
My definition of Dedication is finishing whatever you put numerous focus and time into just to enjoy that feeling of confidence and pride once you receive the results you persued. #RandumPoet

I feel like if your life has priority problems you probably shouldn’t be sexually active. Think about it, if your struggling to pay bills or have issuesΒ  managing things in your life on your own how will a baby help the situation??? Accidents can occur and you don’t need any more responsibilites. You can easily avoid stress just learn to control how you live. But thats just my opinion live how you want to…

I never understood why people treat their current spouse like their last ex. Unless death was involved with your past relationship then it didn’t work out for a negative reason so why assume the next person will persue the same drama? Which is why I try to stay away from judgmental people. YOUR SO FIXED ON FINDING MISTAKES/PROBLEMS LIKE YOU DID WITH THE PAST THAT YOU FORGET TO LEARN AND BETTER THE FUTURE!!! But thats just my opinion… πŸ˜‰ #BeHappy

I think some women may become annoyed when they’re interested in a man who won’t “Step Up” but I figured some men like myself be waiting for her to finally speak up. I like the random approach of a woman… #2013