Ricky “Randum” Maeweather is a spoken-word artist hailing from Syracuse, NY. Ricky ignites audiences through thought-provoking alliteration and animated wordplay whcih will have you saying “Holy hyperbole, Batman!” Sometimes shedding light on grave issues and other times employing light hearted humor, it may seem that the poet has a “Randum” approach to poetry – but don’t be fooled. There is metaphor in the madness and reason in the rhyme. Ricky has competed in poetry slams across New York State and also has his haiku poetry displayed prominently as part of the Syracuse Poster Project.

Listeners worldwide have enjoyed Ricky’s first mix-tape “Yell’n Words” which is a truly inspired blend of spoken-word anthems and hip-hop identity. And has also released a second mix-tape titled “Rap Is Poetry” or “R.I.P.” which can both be downloaded at of no cost. Whether you know him as Randum, @RickyRandum, Randum Poet, or just Ricky, this young man is a spoken word mogul in the making!