Un-Used Unity

When will we realize that we all are infected with some sort of hatred?! Infected meaning it can be cured. And I am not just speaking towards my race I am talking to every being with a heart beat. Whether it’s extreme as murder or minor as road rage or jealousy none are posititive and may upgrade to something more severe. If we all took a minute to think of a loved one we’ve lost may be it would prevent us from removing the next person’s life. Pollution’s not killing our world #Violence is. We as humans need to learn to kill the #Hatred and replace it with #love. And far as my people go yes we do endure #Racism but so do other #Cultures. Some of these meaningless cop killings may occur because of our skin tone but what about the blacks killings other blacks? It’s pure #Genocide against our own people as if this race war isn’t enough! The whole world needs to practice and value the word #UNITY!!! But this is just my opinion… -Randum Poet

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