Young And Old Age

I can understand numerous opinions from people but some statements do bother/offend me at times. Like my age, I #HATE when I am labeled by my birth date. Older crowds feeling superior because of the numbered distance. Unless you personally know me you have no idea of the knowledge and achievements I possess. I call it “Asinine Adult Assupmtions” when I’m judge by older people who think I participate in childish activities. I believe that #MATURITY is not applied by a certain age. It’s learned by experience and a birth date. I know people old enough to be my parents and will tell you I make better decisions and choices than them leading to a comfortable and yet responsible lifestyle. I’m not saying everyone my age has the same mind set as me but what I do know is that I am the youngest out of my group which usually is a 6-10 year difference and also my dating age difference. And they can vouch for my maturity because they know I don’t carry myself as the age I am. Get to know someone for before you assume they’re similiar to the next being. I am a grown man facial hair or not but if you fail to respect that due to my age then I feel you have some growing up to do. But this is just my opinion…

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