Randum Opinion: Groups

If you represent something along with others you should NEVER feel alone! Whether it’s a family, group, or organization you should all be on the same page. You should all know why you’re joined together. My slogan is “Support leads 2 success” but success also comes by #Unity. Each and every member of your clique should play a role of some sort to the convenience of their ablility. They should want to better themselves which may fuel your drive with motivation to do the same. But if you’re at your games and half of your teammates never show up of course your next instinct will be to take your talents elsewhere. It should never come down to that. You should want the same success you strive for your brand as well. But a clock can not run correctly if it’s missing gears. So really think about what you sign up for and what you can bring to the table.  But that’s just my opinion… -Randum Poet

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